After the US Capitol was stormed, a man was arrested who caused horror because of his T-shirt that read "Camp Auschwitz".

The 56-year-old Robert Keith Packer was taken into custody by the FBI in Newport News, Virginia, the federal police said on Wednesday.

Packer is accused of violent or disorderly behavior on the Capitol grounds and of illegally entering a public building, according to court documents.

The man who wore a "Camp Auschwitz" shirt when the US Capitol was stormed: Robert Keith Packer was arrested in the state of Virginia

Source: dpa / Uncredited

Pictures of Packer in his T-shirt during the last week's attack on the Capitol had caused anger and dismay, especially in the Jewish community.

The garment also had the words “Arbeit macht frei” in English - the writing that stood over the entrance gate of the Auschwitz extermination camp, where the National Socialists killed more than a million people.

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Last weekend the Capitol intruder Jacob C., who was wearing face paint, a fur hat, bull horns and a spear, was arrested.

The 32-year-old, who goes public under the name Jake Angeli, was taken into custody in Arizona, the FBI announced.

The accusation was trespassing and resistance to state power on state property.

The man with the stage name Angeli is a supporter of the conspiracy ideology QAnon.

The International Auschwitz Committee has welcomed Packer's arrest.

Auschwitz survivors around the world are relieved to be arrested in the USA, said the committee's managing director, Christoph Heubner, on Thursday in Berlin.

In the past few days, the man had become the symbol of a scene "which more and more openly and aggressively glorified Auschwitz and propagated the repetition of Auschwitz".


A few days before the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz and the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust on January 27th, this development was "appalling and outrageous" for survivors, stressed Heubner.

It is disturbing that there are still manufacturers and labels who sell such clothing out of commercial interest.

The same applies to "the fact that Nazis all over the world went from denying Auschwitz to glorifying this murder factory," explained Heubner.

At the same time, it is important for the survivors of the Holocaust to emphasize again and again that the anti-Semitic hatred and the violent fantasies of these people are directed not only against them and their families, but against democracy and all democrats.