Even more than 24 hours after a fire broke out in a warehouse for packaging material on the Veddel, the extinguishing work is still going on.

Even on Thursday morning, there was no end in sight, as a fire department spokesman said.

"The post-fire extinguishing work in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg was continued throughout the night with the constant exchange of forces," she tweeted on Thursday.

The post-extinguishing work is very time-consuming

Source: dpa

A total of 90 volunteers from the volunteer fire brigade, the professional fire brigade and the technical relief organization are on site.

Up to 150 firefighters had fought the flames for hours on Wednesday.

The authorities had warned the population of the strong smoke development because of the fire, residents should keep their windows and doors closed.

The southern districts of Hamburg were still affected by the smoke development on Thursday morning.

The official danger warning was lifted on Thursday morning.

The warehouse is around 60 by 40 meters.

The police were initially unable to provide any information about the cause of the fire.

Thanks to the Interior Senator


The use of the fire brigade was sometimes made considerably more difficult by strong winds, snow and sleet.

Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) had the emergency services on Wednesday evening for their "nerve-wracking and exhausting mission".

"The effort can only be guessed at," tweeted Grote.

Unusual use on the A7

A completely different kind of extinguishing operation took place on Wednesday afternoon on Autobahn 7. Because of a burning van, an antelope and a chimpanzee had to make a compulsory stop at the Neumünster Zoo on their way to Switzerland.

The vehicle that was to be used to bring both animals from Aalborg in Denmark to the south suddenly caught fire in the engine compartment on Wednesday afternoon, a police spokesman said on Thursday.

The patrol officers got the fire at the Aalbek rest area on the A7 under control with their own fire extinguisher.

The animals in the trailer were unharmed.

“They were never endangered,” the spokesman continued.

To get them out of the cold quickly, a towing service brought the animals to the zoo in Neumünster.

There, zoo staff took care of the chimpanzee and the antelope.

Both should now spend the next few days there.