When Pfizer's vaccine arrived in Sweden at the end of 2020, there had previously been reports from southern Europe that deliveries were unsafe, and therefore many regions chose to save doses to secure the second syringe needed for adequate protection.

FHM urges

The Swedish Public Health Agency is now urging all regions to stop saving and trust that deliveries will come.

- We follow this and we will do it.

When we feel that this feels safe and good, we will make that decision, says chief physician at the Norrbotten Region Pia Näsvall.

All municipalities running

This week, all municipalities in Norrbotten will be vaccinated and the chief physician does not believe that the strategy of not saving doses would lead to any major time savings.

- The first dose will be more people who get it right then, but if we can not fully vaccinate, it will not help.

I do not think it goes that much faster, we still have to get all the doses for everyone to get full protection.

You do not know what protection you get after one dose, but the protection you have looked at is after two doses.