China Overseas Chinese Network, January 14th, title: Grief!

Chinese students were shot and killed. How can overseas Chinese students protect themselves?

  On the afternoon of January 9th, local time in the United States, a series of shootings occurred in Chicago. A gunman shot and killed several people in succession, resulting in at least 3 deaths and 4 injuries.

A Chinese student studying at the University of Chicago was shot in the head and died.

  The Chinese student who was killed was a fourth-year PhD student in a joint project between the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Kenneth Griffin Department of Economics.

  He should have a boundless future, but suffered misfortune. His passing is heartbreaking. It not only brings indescribable sadness to relatives and friends, but also a loss in the field of economic and financial research.

  Nobel Prize-winning economist Lars Peter Hansen of the University of Chicago published an article after hearing the bad news: "I am shocked and saddened by my misfortune. As you know, this colleague is a brilliant An extraordinary academic researcher" "We will all miss him very much."

  After learning of the unfortunate death of a Chinese student, the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago immediately contacted his family in China to express its deep condolences and condolences, and to provide necessary consular assistance to the family.

And urge the police to find out the truth as soon as possible and report the case.

Screenshot of the WeChat Official Account of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago

  In response to this incident, the Consulate General in Chicago also reminded Chinese citizens in the consular district, including international students, to pay close attention to the epidemic situation and public security situation in their place of residence, to keep abreast of the early warning information issued by the local government and the media, to further enhance risk awareness and strengthen safety precautions , Minimize going out and ensure your own safety.

  According to statistics from the Gun Violence Archives Network of the United States, as of December 7, 2020 local time, more than 37,000 people in the United States were injured by gunshots in 2020, which is equivalent to an average of at least 108 gunshots per day.

There have been 592 mass shootings involving more than 4 victims and about 18,000 homicides.

  In the eight days that have just passed in 2021, gun violence in the United States has already caused 844 deaths and 664 injuries.

  Chinese students are all over the world, and international students not only face the danger of being shot, but also various security incidents happen from time to time.

  On April 11, 2012, Chinese students Qu Ming and Wu Ying were shot dead in a car near the USC campus; on July 24, 2014, Chinese student Ji Xinran, who was studying at the University of Southern California, returned from school. On the way to the residence, five teenagers were assaulted and killed; on May 11, 2016, Li Yangjie, who was studying in Germany, was violently attacked and killed when he went out at night while studying in Germany...

  One by one, the vivid lives disappeared suddenly, sounding a wake-up call for overseas students.

  Although you never know which one will come first, the accident or tomorrow, but raising your safety awareness, preparing for safety, and keeping calm in the face of danger is equivalent to insurance for your study abroad life.

  Xiaoqiao is here to present an overseas life safety manual to all overseas students, and hope to help everyone!

  1. Enhance safety awareness.

  At any time, the basic vigilance must not be lost.

Strengthen security measures in the residence, install automatic alarm systems; avoid night trips, especially women, be more vigilant, pay attention to the surrounding environment, to prevent accidents, for criminals who impersonate public officials to commit crimes, it is not credulous to ask for evidence.

  2. Don't show off your wealth.

  Do not carry large amounts of cash with you, try to use bank cards for consumption, and report the loss in time.

If you lose your certificate, please contact the Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a replacement.

  3. Tactfully expose the perpetrator.

  When the infringement occurs, if the person concerned cannot hide, the person or witnesses directly take out their mobile phones to take pictures, which may exacerbate the conflict. Natural methods can be used to pass through the place where there are cameras and let the camera capture the offender.

  4. Find ways to defend.

  It is not recommended that you have a fierce conflict with the perpetrator, but you can pay attention to whether you have tools for defense in your daily life, such as water cups and umbrellas.

Learn to ask passers-by to intervene, call for help, record, and distract.

  5. Choose an opportunity to escape quickly.

  Before you escape, you must plan a clearer escape route, such as where the exit is and where there are objects for hiding.

Avoid being in the sight of the perpetrator when running away.

Don't give up your belongings, your life is the most important thing.

  6. Ask for help.

  When infringement occurs, on the premise of ensuring your own safety, promptly report to the police or seek assistance from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.

It is best to provide the following information when calling the police: the approximate location of the murderer, the number of the murderer, the physical characteristics of the murderer, etc.

  Thousands of study abroad, safety first!

International students must learn to protect themselves when they are overseas, stay vigilant at all times, and never relax their vigilance.

  I hope everyone will be safe, healthy and healthy in 2021!

  (Reference: Overseas Chinese network, China News, the official microblogging Peking University, Chinese Consulate General in Chicago; Author: Wang Jiayi; ID: qiaowangzhongguo)