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former President Park Geun-hye's older brother was confirmed, the Blue House evaluated that the case of Gukjeong Nongdan was now over.

However, they did not talk about the amnesty issue, and the political world is also inclined to be cautious about the recent public opinion.

Reporter Junmo Moon covered this content.


Three hours after the Supreme Court sentence, the Blue House commented that the spirit of the constitution was embodied.

[Spokesman Kang Min-seok/Cheong Wa Dae: After the people's candlelight revolution and the impeachment of the National Assembly, the case of the Gukjeong Nongdan case was ended by the court's judicial judgment.]

However, we avoided mentioning the amnesty.

A key member of the Blue House said, "It is inappropriate to mention the amnesty as soon as the Supreme Court sentence is issued," and said, "I couldn't hear anything from the President."

Political circles are also mostly cautious.

Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon, who took out the pardon card, said, "The party has arranged that the sympathy of the people and the reflection of the parties are important and respects the justice", and a short comment to the effect that the power of the people respects and takes the court rulings seriously. They only gave out, but did not mention the amnesty.

However, former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won and Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who entered the by-election of the mayor of Seoul, urged the "President's Decision."

President Moon Jae-in is expected to reveal his plan of amnesty in the form of answering reporters' questions at the upcoming New Year's press conference.

The clue to guess this comment was released by Chey Jae-sung, chief executive officer of the Blue House, who said in a radio program yesterday (13th) that "you have to make a decision from the perspective of the people and from the perspective of the people."

If the public opinion in favor of the amnesty is not clear, it sounds like it is difficult to do it right now, but it seems possible to interpret that if the flow of public opinion changes, it can be reviewed again.

(Video coverage: Cho Jung-young and Jeil, Video editing: Choi Jin-hwa, CG: Lee Jong-jung)