Houston (AP) - The dissatisfied superstar James Harden has got his way, according to consistent US media reports and is switching from the Houston Rockets to the NBA rival Brooklyn Nets in a spectacular action.

There the 31-year-old basketball player with the mighty beard will play together with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in a rather rare combination of three athletic heavyweights in one team.

The complex swap, in which several teams are apparently involved, was initially not official on Wednesday.

It was therefore unclear which players and access rights the Rockets would get in future drafts.


Harden had made no secret of his dissatisfaction in the past few weeks and made public statements more clearly than ever before the day before the deal.

"This situation is crazy and the problems cannot be solved," he said after the loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

The Rockets are too weak.

Harden has never been an NBA champion in his career.

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