Google has decided to put political ads on hold for several days so as not to exacerbate tensions around Joe Biden's nomination.

The digital giants are all taking measures since the events of the Capitol, some are drastic and unprecedented.

The incidents on Capitol Hill continue to impact the US digital giants.

Google put political ads on hold on Wednesday amid the risk of calls for violence during the inauguration of future US President Joe Biden next week.

While federal and local authorities ask Americans to avoid travel to Washington next week, Airbnb is supporting the movement by canceling reservations on its site.

"Chilling" events

The online search giant includes to this extent, according to a spokesperson, "all announcements referring to the indictment (of outgoing President Donald Trump, editor's note), the inauguration or the Capitol demonstrations ", which shocked the country and tarnished its international image last Wednesday.

Google, which owns the YouTube platform, had suspended Donald Trump's channel for a week earlier in the week.

“The events of the past week have been chilling to watch,” Google boss Sundar Pichai said in an online forum hosted by Reuters on Wednesday.

Airbnb cancels all reservations for Washington

Google is not the only one to anticipate the nomination of Joe Biden.

Airbnb has canceled all reservations planned in Washington next week, an unprecedented measure that shows the concern of large digital platforms, determined not to facilitate possible excesses and violence during the inauguration of future US President Joe Biden.

Fearing further outbursts during the inauguration, authorities, including the mayor of Washington and the governors of Maryland and Virginia, neighbors, have called for all travel to the city to be avoided next week.