• The reactions of the opposition: the government is no more, let's go to the vote

  • Renzi: the ministers Bellanova and Bonetti and the undersecretary Scalfarotto resigned


January 13, 2021 With the resignations of the ministers Bellanova, Bonetti and of the undersecretary Scalfarotto, announced in a press conference by the leader of Iv Matteo Renzi, the government crisis opens.

The first reactions of the majority forces were strongly negative.

Orlando: A grave mistake

"A grave mistake made by a few that we will all pay".

Deputy Secretary Pd Andrea Orlando writes on Twitter after the announcement of the resignation of the Iv ministers.

Crimi: incomprehensible choice

"While the country faces the most serious health, social and economic crisis in recent history with effort, commitment and sacrifice, Renzi chooses to withdraw his delegation of ministers. I believe that no one has understood the reasons for this choice".

So on Facebook the political leader of the M5S Vito Crimi.

"But now - continues Crimi - it is time for responsibility, not personalism. I hope that the Council of Ministers will be able to continue work on the anti-Covid Decree, on the budget variance and on new refreshments to be allocated to businesses and workers. The 5 Star MoVement will continue to ensure the stability that Italy now needs to face the crisis we are experiencing and get out of it as soon as possible ". 

Bonafede: Iv escapes responsibility

"Italia Viva withdraws its ministers from the government at a time when the country is experiencing an unprecedented health and economic emergency. There is no merit in escaping responsibility. The 5 Star Movement will continue to work for the citizens alongside Giuseppe Conte ".

M5s head of delegation Alfonso Bonafede writes it on Fb.

Amendola: the crisis is now a serious mistake by Renzi

"Trade is badly hit. These images show why a political crisis at this moment is a serious mistake".

The Minister for European Affairs Enzo Amendola said this on Tg4 commenting on the protest of the restaurateurs in Naples.

"We as Pd have tried to keep the majority cohesive. Before partisan interest there is the general interest of the country. We have to go through a complicated phase so we need cohesion. What Italia Viva has done is a serious one. error ", underlined Amendola.

"Opening a crisis in this phase of our country opens up to any scenario, blocks the work that was being done. It is a risk and a serious mistake", he reiterated.