Berlin (AP) - The rapper Bushido wanted his ex-business partner Arafat A.-Ch.

According to his own statement, he only paid 1.8 million euros separation allowance to protect his family.

"On a legal level, I would not have offered him a cent," said the musician on Wednesday before the Berlin district court as a witness.

"I never thought that he had a claim," emphasized the 42-year-old in a black jacket, on whose back the slogan was emblazoned: "Leave me alone".

Bushido was brought back into the courtroom by bodyguards.

In the trial against the Berlin clan chief A.-Ch.

(44) and three of his brothers are concerned with crimes to the detriment of Bushido after he broke up business relations with the member of an extended family of Arab origin.

Bushido is also a joint plaintiff in the trial.

For more than two years now, his wife and children have also received personal protection, and his life has been different since then, says Bushido.

According to the indictment, A.-Ch.

do not want to accept the separation and demand from Bushido the payment of alleged debts and the participation in his music business in the millions.

He is said to have rejected the sum offered by Bushido as too small.

The musician was threatened, insulted, locked in an office in January 2018 and attacked with a water bottle and chair.


Arafat A.-Ch.

are accused of deprivation of liberty, insults, attempted grave extortion, dangerous bodily harm and coercion.

Bushido said on the twelfth day of his questioning that he had accepted A.-Ch.

locked the door at the meeting.

His ex-partner had "literally exploded," insulted and threatened him as a traitor and liar.

"He hadn't intended to allow the separation."


said it was his, Bushido said.

"It is an illusion that he made me."

In his family A.-Ch.

Bushido described the driving force that the brothers had nothing to say.

He is a professional who gives everyone their role.

The 42-year-old said he was able to duck back in front of the chair that was flying towards him.

He was scared.

"He wanted to intimidate me, psychologically break through in the middle."

The abuse was defamatory, "it brought tears to my eyes".

The defense questioned what Bushido said about the meeting in the office in January 2018. There was no physical attack on the musician.

There are no other witnesses either.

Further negotiation days are initially planned until the end of April.