China News Agency, Paris, January 13 (Reporter Li Yang) The French Ministry of Health said on the 13th local time that more than 240,000 people in France have been vaccinated against the new crown.

The Paris city government revealed that 19 vaccination centers will be opened in Paris.

  According to data released by the French Ministry of Health that night, 247,167 people in France have been vaccinated against the new crown, and about 57,000 people were vaccinated on the 13th.

So far, the Greater Paris region is the region with the most vaccinated people in France, with a total of 50,000 vaccinated.

In January and September local time, the COVID-19 vaccination center in the Cannes Film Palace in Cannes, France, began to open.

The picture shows medical staff vaccinating the new crown vaccine at the new crown vaccination center in the movie palace.

  The Paris city government revealed through the French BFM television station that Paris will open 19 vaccination centers.

Paris Mayor Hidalgo called for speeding up vaccination work on the same day to ensure that the city government will play an important role in the vaccination work of Paris citizens.

  The specific time of opening of the Paris Vaccination Center has not yet been determined.

Officials in Paris revealed that once the vaccination center opens, it will accept telephone or online appointments for vaccination.

According to French official arrangements, “vulnerable groups” such as medical staff and elderly people in nursing homes can now be vaccinated.

  The eastern French city of Nancy began to vaccinate the new crown vaccine for people over 75 years of age who are not living in nursing homes in the city.

French Prime Minister Castel stated in the French Senate that the government's vaccination program is being implemented and various tasks are being carried out in an orderly manner.

He called on people to be patient with vaccination.

  At least 11 people in the Greater Paris area were confirmed to be infected with the mutated new coronavirus, and another 40 people were suspected of being infected with the mutated virus. The health department is stepping up analysis and research.

The chairman of France’s scientific committee to deal with the new crown epidemic, Del Frasi, warned that if no response action is taken now, many people in France will be infected with the mutant virus by April.

He said that measures must now be taken to control the spread of the mutant new coronavirus.

  The French Defense Council held a meeting on the 13th to discuss the response to the epidemic.

The French public opinion disclosure meeting discussed whether to extend the curfew period to the entire territory of France.

Castel will hold a press conference on the evening of the 14th to announce the next steps in response to the epidemic.

  According to the latest official epidemic data, there were 23,852 new confirmed cases in France on the 13th, with a total of 2,830,442 confirmed cases.

The number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in France is 69,031, with 229 new deaths.