A large fire broke out in a warehouse in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg.

Around 150 emergency services have been on site in Stenzelstrasse since early Wednesday morning, said a press spokesman for the fire department.

The hall, which is around 60 by 40 meters, is a storage location for cardboard boxes and packaging material, but forklifts are also kept here.

According to the fire brigade, there were significant traffic obstructions in the area around the site, which are exacerbated by the slippery roads and sleet.

It was initially possible to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring halls

Source: dpa

Rail traffic was also affected, as Deutsche Bahn announced on Twitter.

The Hamburg-Harburg, Lüneburg, Uelzen and Celle stops were no longer available due to the diversion.

The train warned on Twitter that there will be long delays.

According to the police, no one was injured in the fire, and it was initially possible to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring halls.

The mission, which was classified in the high category 6, will continue for several hours.

The THW has also come to support with wheel loaders.

"The smoke gases move towards the east"

At 8:18 am, the Hamburg fire brigade then sent an “official hazard information”.

This literally states: “The population in the Hamburg Veddel area can be affected by smoke gases due to a major fire.

The cloud of smoke is moving eastwards. ”The following regions are affected: Veddel, Harburg Billbrock, Moorfleet, Wilhelmsburg, Billstedt, Öjendorf, Oststeinbek, Glinde, Neuschönningstedt, Reinbek.

"Avoid the affected area"


The fire brigade also gave recommendations for action: “Avoid the affected area.

Immediately leave the affected area.

Avoid the affected area widely.

Find out more in the media, for example on local radio, and we'll let you know when the danger is over.

Pay attention to announcements from the police and fire brigade.

Close windows and doors and turn off ventilation and air conditioning.

Cover your mouth and nose with improvised respiratory protection (cloth, item of clothing, surgical mask).

If you are in the car in the area concerned, immediately switch the ventilation to recirculation and leave the area. "

Neighbors, especially those who may need assistance due to disabilities, language barriers, or limited mobility, should also be notified.