• The Democratic-majority House of Representatives should easily pass the indictment against Donald Trump.

    The text, which needs a two-thirds majority to be adopted, risks, however, being rejected by the Senate, acquired by the Republicans.

    Although some Republicans have said they will vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump after January 6, the number of 67 senators (two-thirds of the Senate) needed to pass the text is not expected to be reached.

  • Donald Trump could become the first US president to be twice indicted in Congress in impeachment proceedings.

  • Democrats say Donald Trump prompted the crowd to trash Capitol Hill during a speech earlier today.

    During this speech, he multiplied, without proof, the accusations of electoral fraud.

    The president also told the crowd that he would never "concede" defeat in the 2020 presidential election and urged his supporters to come to Capitol Hill in support of the Republican elected officials who had sworn to contest the victory of Joe Biden.

  • After this speech, clashes between police and Trump supporters took place near Capitol Hill.

    Then the rioters forced their way into the building, smashing the windows and scaling the walls.

    Several police officers were injured and National Guard soldiers from several neighboring US states were mobilized.

    Five people died in the disturbances, including a woman shot dead by police, and a policeman clubbed by rioters. 

House of Representatives votes on proceedings to impeach President Donald Trump

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