Dresden (dpa / sn) - The Left fears a possible introduction of an FFP2 mask requirement in trade and in local public transport, a disadvantage for parts of the population.

"Many people cannot afford FFP2 masks and would be discriminated against by the introduction of compulsory wear," said Left MP Susanne Schaper on Wednesday.

"How are people with a low income supposed to cope with around four euros per mask, especially since frequent changes are necessary if the mask is to retain its protective effect?" She asked.

An FFP2 mask requirement when shopping as well as in buses and trains is therefore only realistic if the masks are given free of charge, said Schaper.

Saxony's Minister of Health Petra Köpping (SPD) announced on Tuesday that she was considering a mandatory introduction of FFP2 masks in retail and local transport. In Bavaria, such a regulation was passed on the same day. In Saxony, it is currently only mandatory to wear FFP2 masks for nursing homes. The Left welcomed the regulation for nursing homes in principle, but called on the government to make the masks available free of charge and in sufficient numbers for visits by relatives.