Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi before the vote on Donald Trump's impeachment, January 13, 2021. -

Susan Walsh / AP / SIPA


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  • House votes Wednesday to indict Donald Trump for "inciting insurgency"

  • Half a dozen elected Republicans are expected to join the Democrats.

  • In case of impeachment, an impeachment trial will have to be held in the Senate, probably after January 20.


  • Republicans in favor of Trump's impeachment, battle in sight in Senate over impeachment

  • 20,000 National Guard soldiers deployed for Joe Biden's nomination

Donald Trump facing history.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the President's impeachment for "inciting insurgency" after his supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6.

The Democrats, who are in the majority in the House, have received the support of half a dozen elected Republicans, including Conservative No.3 Liz Cheney.

Donald Trump should therefore become the first American president in history to be


(indicted) twice during his tenure.

Impeachment is far from certain, however: a trial should be organized in the Senate, probably after January 20, and the Democrats will need the support of 17 Republicans to condemn the US president.

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