Starting next week, The Voice of Finland will be seen on TV during the 10th production season of the program.

The new star coach Maija Vilkkumaa and the familiar Redrama, Juha Tapio and the double team Toni Wirtanen and Sipe Santapukki will join in the anniversary year of the song competition.

The program will also experience a revolution, with the launch of The Voice of Finland: Comeback Stage, starred by rapper Pyhimys.

The saint rescues competitors who have already dropped out of the program to his own team and coaches the competitors of his choice, two of whom will eventually be able to perform in front of the audience and possibly compete for the entire victory of The Voice of Finland.

On Wednesday, Nelonen announced the singers of the upcoming season of the singing competition.

Among other things, they try to convince the jury with their voice:

Angel Martin, 34, from Porvoo, is a street musician and hotel owner.

He is originally from Argentina but has lived around the world.

Angel lived in Spain for 15 years, where she met her current Finnish spouse.

In Argentina, Angel owns an apartment hotel as well as a hostel.

Vy Pekkala, 25, from Helsinki, studied tourism in Porvoo and currently works as a sushi chef.

Vy's parents sold their house so that Vy could study in Finland.

Vy is married and spouse supports and encourages her with a music career.

The couple's love flashed at first sight in Linnanmäki.

Jutta Toivonen, 31, from Jyväskylä has studied to be a classroom teacher, music teacher and musician.

He teaches burlesque and performs under the artist name Kiki LaFox.

Jutta also performs various Healing treatments, and has studied e.g.

holes, Qi Gong and meditation.

The musical hobby began with the violin, as well as a family band playing traditional Peruvian music.

Jutta also plays the shaman drum.

Kalle Virtanen, 33, from Vantaa, works as an opera singer and freelance musician.

Kalle has also translated opera and musical music.

Kalle says he experienced a sound break early, and was already an adult at the age of 12.

The singing voice gave him the nickname Mr. Voice in middle school.

Kalle's spouse is a pianist and composer by profession.

Margit Hedman, 42, from Joutsa, is an agricultural interlocutor and clinical animal caretaker.

She is a mother of four.

Margit once made the choice that she wants to be present in the daily lives of her children and does not want to travel the world singing.

However, singing is a big part of her life.

Margit joined The Voice of Finland because she wants to show her children that her mother can be somewhere other than the barn, and that her mother can do something so wonderful.

Margit is the winner of the 2001 Karaoke World Championships.

In 2005, he was ranked in the top 10 of the Tango Market.

Mika Tuukkanen, 28, from Imatra, works as a garbage truck driver.

Music is a strong part of Mika's working days and leisure time.

Mika started playing music with drums and switched to singing after the army.

Mika is a fan of Turmio's midwives, and decided to participate in The Voice of Finland because she feels that the format needs more non-mainstream roar.

Indra Ramirez, 34, is from Helsinki and has worked as a housewife for the past 10 years.

Indra wanted to be a singer at a young age, but uncertainty has prevented her from realizing her dream.

As a child, Indra had to live in an atmosphere of fear, and her own background has motivated Indra to be a present and safe parent for her own children.

Indra’s kids are now school-age, and it’s finally time for Indra to chase her own musical dreams.

Mika Kitka, 38, comes from Hyvinkää and works as an expert in substance abuse prevention work.

As a child, Mika fell in love with the Tiernapojat performance, and memorized all the songs.

In high school, he became acquainted with choral activities, and began composing songs himself.

Since then, Mika has been interested in heavens, learned to sing rattle and joined a heavier band.

Ida Koskinen, 22, from Helsinki, is studying chemistry, physics and mathematics at the university.

Ida is active in her student body and plays the baritone horn, trumpet and tuba.

The WITCH cartoon is close to the heart of the East, and he admires the universal genius of the Renaissance.

Janica Pylväinen, 17, from Äänekoski, attends high school and aims for nursing, sports or healthcare after high school.

Janica is very close with her family, especially her mother.

Indeed, friends say they resemble more friends than a mother and daughter.

Janica enjoys photography and relaxes with coloring books.

Veli-Matti Lappi, 33, comes from Jyväskylä.

He is a doctor by profession, a master of nutrition and a "lifestyle doctor".

Veli-Matti started playing guitar in middle school, and later switched to bass.

Now, music has lagged behind in life, and at the foot of an academic career, but he believes he can still make tremendous progress on the music side.

Järvenpää-based Suvi Raivio, 35, has worked in customer service and sales for more than 10 years.

She is a barber-hairdresser by original training.

Suvi's family includes 3 children and a male friend.

TVOF is Suville's heart, and the desire to move forward with music is great.

Suvi has tried to join the program twice before, but this is the first time she gets into the Sound Decides phase.

Rami Thawi, 23, from Helsinki, is studying Finnish and has also worked as a chef in Finland.

Rami’s parents are Syrian, but Rami was born in Venezuela.

Rami came to Finland with his family as asylum seekers three years ago.

Ram’s background has taught him to appreciate basic things like the roof over his head, loved ones, food, and music.

Ram has his own Latin Arabic rock band.

Tarja Hillas, 30, is from Kouvola.

By profession, he is a sociologist and a teacher of early childhood education.

Tarja says that she is a genuine "Lievestuoreen Liisa", because she was originally from Lievestuore.

Tarja enjoys black humor, bad stuff, laughing and cooking.

In itself, he would like to strengthen his rock side in singing.

In the first season of The Voice of Finland in 2011, Tarja made it to the Sound Solves stage, but left the game at that time.

Tarja has annoyed what happened every year while watching a series on her home couch.

Elise-Juliette, 16, from Vantaa, is a social and health student.

The pursuit of music began with an interest in music videos, from which Elise-Juliette took a model for dancing.

Gradually, interest in singing also grew.

Elise-Juliette attends church every Sunday, and sings in the church choir.

His father has moved to Finland to study in Cameroon and his mother in Namibia.

Elise-Juliette was born in Finland herself.

The Voice of Finland at Nelonen on Fridays and Sundays from 22 January.

at 20.

They will all compete in The Voice of Finland's new season:

  • Angel Martin, 34, Porvoo

  • Anu Hoo, 29, Jyväskylä

  • Arvola Antti, 32 years old, Helsinki

  • Beldjerd Sara, 21, Helsinki

  • Beliaeva Daria, 24 years old, Espoo

  • Eerola Anni-Mea, 21, Nummela

  • Elise-Juliette, 16, Vantaa

  • Emilia Desirée, 26, Vantaa

  • Eskelin Aurora, 19, Helsinki

  • Etelävuori Elsi, 20, Espoo

  • Falk Fanny, 23, Helsinki

  • Gilbert K., 46, Tampere

  • Grönstrand Clarissa, 15, Kauhajoki

  • Grönthal Jenny, 26, Hyvinkää

  • Haapalainen Niklas, 28, Tuusula

  • Hakkarainen Emilia, 21, Vantaa

  • Hartikainen Anton, 19, Pori

  • Hautaluoma Ville, 45, Kellokoski

  • Hautaluoma Vilma, 18, Kellokoski

  • Hedman Margit, 42, Joutsa

  • Hernberg Tommy, 30, Kokkola

  • Hillas Tarja, 30 years old, Kouvola

  • Hirvonen Heidi, 32, Pieksämäki

  • Jaskula Guillaume, 38, Espoo

  • Jocke Levälampi, 37, Helsinki

  • Karmitsa Elsa, 19, Seinäjoki

  • Karola Kreetta, 24, Seinäjoki

  • Karppanen Laura, 27 years old, Espoo

  • Karsikas Atte, 39 years old, Klaukkala

  • Karttunen Jouni, 27, Joensuu

  • Kauppinen Kerttu, 17, Helsinki

  • Kinnunen Nora, 33, Helsinki

  • Kivekäs Varpu, 35, Ylistaro

  • Kivelä Nea, 19, Tampere

  • Kivioja Hanne, 38, Jyväskylä

  • Korhonen Elisa, 21 years old, Kuopio

  • Korhonen Jani-Markus, 27, Sotkamo

  • Korhonen Teija, 34 years old, Leppävirta

  • Koskinen Ida, 22, Helsinki

  • Kotilainen-Dwyer Milla, 17, Helsinki

  • Kyrölä Alina, 23, Jyväskylä

  • Lamminpää Emma, ​​36 years old, Kaarina

  • Lappi Veli-Matti, 33, Jyväskylä

  • Laukkanen Maria, 37, Kotka

  • Lauri Johannes, 33, Jyväskylä

  • Lausniemi Aino, 16 years old, Sastamala

  • Le Mi, 25, Helsinki

  • Lenny Pearl, 46, Turku

  • Liljenmaa Klaudia, 19, Keuruu

  • Lindell Kaisa, 40, Helsinki

  • Lindqvist Victoria, 36 years old, Raseborg

  • Lindroos Aino, 18, Helsinki

  • Malkamäki Ellu, 35, Oulu

  • Malmström Erik, 29, Helsinki

  • Metsärinne Oona, 18, Inkoo

  • Mika Kitka, 38, Hyvinkää

  • Mikkanen Jenna, 18, Helsinki

  • Mikkonen Ira, 26 years old, Tampere

  • Moilanen Mikko, 37, Järvenpää

  • Mäkinen Joonas, 30 years old, Toijala

  • Nikula Joni, 28, Kaustinen

  • Nisse Nordling, 51, Espoo

  • Oikarinen Anna, 19, Helsinki

  • Okkonen Joni, 48, Hausjärvi

  • Oliver Heinonen, 21, Turku

  • Patosalmi Inka, 24, Helsinki

  • Pekkala Vy, 25, Helsinki

  • Pinja-Tuulia, 23 years old, Turku

  • Portin Marjut, 56 years old, Kauhava

  • Purhonen Emma, ​​16 years old, Imatra

  • Pylväinen Janica, 17, Äänekoski

  • Pynnönen Marko, 44, Vantaa

  • Raivio Suvi, 35, Järvenpää

  • Rami Thawi, 23, Helsinki

  • Ramirez Indra, 34, Helsinki

  • Rchidi Asmaa, 20, Helsinki

  • Robin Alexander, 21, Helsinki

  • Samula Katariina, 41, Helsinki

  • Sandell Jemina, 16, Helsinki

  • Sarajärvi Miska, 24 years old, Liminka

  • Savoni Toni, 37, Lohja

  • Seppänen Emilia, 27, Hämeenlinna

  • Shaikhulin Sergei, 36, Helsinki

  • Sheila Bernal, 35, Viitasaari

  • Siikasaari Suvituuli, 37, Helsinki

  • Sivén Miisa, 17, Orimattila

  • Soininen Jouni, 35, Lahti

  • Sundström Heidi, 29, Helsinki

  • Tahvanainen Elina, 37, Helsinki

  • Tiainen Nicola, 30, Helsinki

  • Tiina Debora, 23, Turku

  • Toivonen Jutta, 31, Jyväskylä

  • Tompuri Oliver, 22, Järvenpää

  • Torppa Anni, 27, Helsinki

  • Tuomi Päivi, 46 years old, Pori

  • Turunen Sari, 28, Liperi

  • Tuukkanen Mika, 28 years old, Imatra

  • Tuula Siret, 32, Tallinn

  • Uotinen Sissi, 16, Tampere

  • Vanhanen Juha, 35 years old, Muurame

  • Virtanen Ella, 17, Helsinki

  • Virtanen Kalle, 33, Vantaa

  • Virtanen Lotta-Maarit, 35, Hausjärvi

  • Võsokovski Milla, 17, Jyväskylä

  • Väisänen Jemina, 21, Joensuu

  • Walle Wahlsten, 53, Mariehamn

  • Wendelin Susanna, 50, Helsinki

  • Yasmin Anissa, 23, Helsinki