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Eleven thousand residents of Lansingerland made a test appointment today

More than eleven thousand residents of the municipality of Lansingerland have already made an appointment for a corona test.

Mayor Pieter van de Stadt said this in an interview with the local broadcaster 

RTV Lansingerland


The municipality has over 60,000 inhabitants.

The GGD wants to test everyone aged two and older.

The spread of the British variant of the coronavirus in and around Bergschenhoek is the reason for the test round.

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Pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson expects to have vaccine in March

The American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) expects its corona vaccine to be available in March.

The company expects to be able to share efficiency data this month, or by early February at the latest.

That is what the head of the science division, Paul Stoffels, told Reuters news agency.

The J&J vaccine was developed by subsidiary Janssen in Leiden.

Stoffels said the goal is to have 1 billion vaccines delivered by the end of this year.

Unlike other corona vaccines, the J&J drug consists of a single dose.

The Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two doses to be injected, separated by several weeks.

The New York Times

wrote earlier on Wednesday

that J&J is facing production delays.

As a result, the company may not be able to fulfill its promised deliveries to the US government this spring.

In April, the pharmaceutical company is expected to deliver more than 60 million doses of its corona vaccine to the US government.

This is still dependent on approvals.

J&J could also ask for approval for the vaccine from the European medicine agency EMA in February.

EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides (Health) is said to have said so.

The European Commission has ordered 200 million doses of the vaccine, with an option for an additional 200 million.

J & J's drug is produced in the US, Europe, India and South Africa.

According to Stoffels, it is still a bit too early to talk about production numbers in the coming months.

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Today's main corona news


  • On

    January 18, a pilot

    risk-based testing for the corona virus

    will start at 


    fifteen secondary schools


    Schools in the regions of Utrecht and Rotterdam and in the province of Gelderland are participating in the trial under the supervision of UMC Utrecht.

  • Prime Minister

    Mark Rutte

    asks the House of Representatives

     not to block

    the proposal for

    a curfew

    in advance.

    Given the seriousness of the British mutation, the Netherlands cannot afford to rule out drastic measures, according to the Prime Minister.

    At the same time, the cabinet is not in favor of a flight ban.

    It does, however, keep a quarantine obligation at hand.

  • Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) estimates that

    fifteen thousand residents of nursing homes

    and people with an intellectual disability will

     be vaccinated

    next week


    An additional 140,000 vulnerable people will need to be vaccinated over the next six weeks.

  • It will take a while before the pressure on healthcare has diminished

    sufficiently to relax


    corona measures


    That is what the experts of the OMT write in their advice.

    If the number of new infections continues to decline, it will take until at least the beginning of March before the threshold value of 40 hospital admissions and ten IC admissions per day is reached.

  • It will soon be possible to administer approximately 

    one million corona vaccines per week

    , said Jaap van Delden of the RIVM in the Lower House.

    The GGD will be responsible for half of this, the rest will be administered by GPs, among others.

  • Travelers from the

    United Kingdom and South Africa

     will soon have to submit a negative corona rapid test in addition to a PCR test before traveling to the Netherlands.

  • The



    6,148 new positive corona tests on Wednesday


    That is less than the average in the seven previous days (7,057).

  • Due to a malfunction at Google,



    did not work for Android users on Wednesday.

    According to the ministry, the reports will not be lost, they will only come a little later.

  • More than 

    eleven thousand residents

    of the Lansingerland municipality have already made an appointment for a corona test.

    The municipality has over 60,000 inhabitants.

    The regional GGD wants to test everyone two years and older because of the British mutation.


  • People traveling 

    in and to the US

    must have a negative corona test from January 26 before boarding the plane.

    The test must not be older than three days.

    It is also recommended to undergo another test three to five days after arrival.

  • Hospitals in the 


     are overrun with corona patients.

    The plan is

    to fire thousands of sick people early to

    make beds for critical cases, British newspaper

    The Guardian



    According to the emergency plan, the patients will then be placed at home or in a hotel.

  • 84-year-old 

    Pope Francis

     was given a corona vaccine on Wednesday.

    The Pope had previously announced that he would be vaccinated this week, but had not specified a specific date.

  • The

    South African variant

    of the coronavirus has now also reached Belgium.

    This mutation of the virus has been detected in one person in Belgium.

    And since he has not traveled, there must still be someone with this variant in the country, Belgian virologists report.

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