A large snow pen appeared in front of Kirkkonummi City Hall on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

- I got a picture of the work of art in the morning, and when I came to work in the morning I saw it with my own eyes, says Mayor Tarmo Aarnio.

The mayor approached the matter with humor.

- So hopefully the others.

It is hoped that the author has also had a twinkle in the corner of his eye.

After all, the author has a bit of an artistic eye.

During an interview at noon, Aarnio walked to see if the sculpture was still standing.

Was not.

- It has now happened in such a way that the festive condition has decreased.

Nothing is left, he reports.

- I can't say whether our (city) employees have been involved.

At least I have not made such an order.

According to Aarnio, there has been so much snow in Kirkkonummi in the next few days that the pioneers have been in a hurry.

- In general, the snow situation in Kirkkonummi does not make it possible to make such works of art.

People enthusiastic about snowfall have come up with a wide variety of raptures.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, e.g.

rare commuter skiers.

Towards evening, the snowfall will weaken in southern Finland as well, and the frost will start to intensify.