Xinhua News Agency, Brasilia, January 13 (Reporter Zhou Xingzhu) The health department of Brazil's Espirito Santo state announced on the 12th that the state had detected new coronavirus-specific IgG antibodies in serum samples collected in December 2019.

On December 16, 2020, local time, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a waitress wearing a mask greets customers at the entrance of a restaurant.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mo Chengxiong

  The health department of the state of Espírito Santo said that the state has tested 7,370 serum samples collected from December 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 for specific antibodies against the new coronavirus, which are suspected of being infected with dengue virus. Or people with chikungunya virus, 210 blood samples were positive for the new crown IgG antibody, of which 16 were collected before Brazil reported the first new crown case on February 26 last year, and the earliest was collected on December 18, 2019 .

  The state health department also stated that it is usually a period of time for the virus-specific IgG antibody to be tested positive for the virus, so the person sampled may be exposed to the environment with the new coronavirus by the end of November or early December 2019 .

  The Brazilian Ministry of Health issued an announcement on the 12th instructing the state to conduct in-depth epidemiological investigations and send blood samples to the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro for nucleic acid testing. This top domestic Brazilian new crown virus research institution will finally confirm these Whether the person being sampled has been infected with the new coronavirus.