"Dhu al-Qarnain" the American strikes on food!

Jacob Anthony Chansley, nicknamed "The Two-Century American".

After the US police arrested Jacob Anthony Chansley, a supporter of US President Donald Trump, who appeared with a strange hairstyle and two horns of a bison (an American buffalo) when he participated in the storming of the Capitol building last Wednesday in Washington, the man whom the media called "Dhul Qarnain" announced his strike For food, demanding an organic diet.

According to Al-Arabiya Net, Judge Deborah Fine considered Jacob Anthony Chansley's hunger strike extremely disturbing, and she ordered the prison administration to find a way to meet his demands.

And the man who wore a fur hat and dyed his face in the colors of the American flag, while storming the Congress building, got his desire to follow a purely organic diet, after the judge agreed to that.

The court accused "Dhu al-Qarnain" with intentional and violent entry and staying in a prohibited building or land without legal authority, and disorderly conduct on the Capitol, charges that are considered "federal misdemeanors."

It is noteworthy that thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Congress building last Wednesday, prompting its members who were participating in the confirmation session for President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the presidency into hiding, and the storming incident killed 5 people, and the authorities arrested dozens of those who attacked police officers and robbed Computers have smashed windows in the Capitol.

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