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The National Court has agreed to release the bloodthirsty ETA member

Antonio Troitiño

, the author of 22 murders for "humanitarian reasons".

As reported by legal sources to EL MUNDO, and


has advanced

, Troitiño suffers from an incurable cancer in a very advanced state and is undergoing palliative treatment.

The decision of the central judge of Penitentiary Surveillance of the National Court,

José Luis Castro

, has had the favorable report of the

Prosecutor's Office

of said court.

The magistrate agrees to grant the historic ETA third degree in accordance with

article 104.4

of the

Penitentiary Regulations

where it is established that "very seriously ill prisoners with incurable conditions, according to a medical report, regardless of the variables involved in the classification process, may be classified in third grade for humanitarian reasons and personal dignity, taking into account the difficulty of committing a crime and its low danger ".

In his macabre resume is the attack perpetrated in 1986 in the Dominican Republic square in Madrid, in which 12 civil guards died and 40 people were injured.

Antonio Troitiño Arranz, alias 'Miguel Ángel', was a member of the most bloodthirsty ETA 'Madrid command' until he was arrested on January 16, 1987, when the GEOS raided a floor on Río Ulla street with the ETA members

Cristina Arrizabalaga, María Teresa Rojo, Esteban Esteban Nieto, Inmaculada Noble


José Ignacio de Juana Chaos.

Troitiño was one of the most unrepentant ETA members of the criminal gang and was imprisoned in the Salto del Negro prison, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

He was tried and sentenced to more than 2,700 years in prison.

In 2011, when he had served 24 years in prison for his 22 murders, the National Court released him with an erroneous conviction count and the ETA member then fled to the United Kingdom.

In 2018, he was again sentenced by the aforementioned court to five years in prison for a crime of integration into an organization for re-enlisting in the ranks of the terrorist gang after being released from prison.

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