The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said in Washington, Tuesday, that it has opened 160 cases in its investigation into the storming of supporters of President Donald Trump into the Congress building last week, while the public prosecutor in Washington confirmed that people planted bombs and explosive devices in the vicinity of Congress after it was stormed.

Stephen Dantuno, assistant director in charge of the field office, told the "FBI", in statements to the media, that the FBI had received 100,000 videos and pictures that could be clues of evidence, and considered that "this matter only reflects the tip of the iceberg." .

The FBI affirmed that it would not tolerate "the traumatic events that took place," and that investigations "are continuing and include all parts of the country in search of those involved."

Last Wednesday, Trump supporters stormed the Congress building to coincide with the joint session of the House and Senate to ratify the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

The intruders stopped the certification session for hours, before security forces intervened and evacuated the Congress building.

These events resulted in the death of 4 people, including a woman, and dozens of others, including policemen, were wounded.

Stephen Dantoneau said that the FBI will not tolerate the rioters who stormed Congress (European)

Charges with conspiracy and disobedience

For his part, Acting US Attorney General Michael Sherwin confirmed that indictments have already been issued in 70 cases, and that he expects the number to increase to hundreds.

The first arrests led to charges such as theft and breach of contempt, and Sherwin explained that the prosecution is looking into "large criminal cases related to the charges of insubordination and conspiracy," which each carry a prison sentence of 20 years.

And earlier Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Virginia police had warned a day before Trump supporters stormed the Congress building, that there were extremists who would carry out violence and wage street war.

On the other hand, the US network "NBC" said that extremist right-wing groups are calling for targeting government officials on the day of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

The network added that these groups use encrypted messages and secret chat rooms to coordinate with each other, and that some of their members are spreading information to manually manufacture bombs and weapons.

Warnings of assassinations

In turn, the "Huffington Post" website reported that Congressional police have warned Democratic lawmakers of 3 plans for possible massive demonstrations in the coming days, while preparations are underway for Biden's inauguration next week.

One of the plans includes rebels surrounding the buildings of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court, and then preventing Democrats from entering Congress, and possibly assassinating them, in order for the Republicans to control the government.

Police told Democratic lawmakers - in private calls Monday night - that they were monitoring the three plans that could pose a threat to members of Congress.

Protect the constitution

In the same context, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, stressed the need to prosecute those involved in the congressional storming of the Congress building, warning that they were determined to commit more violence and incite it.

Schumer called on the authorities to blacklists who participated in storming the Capitol (Congress building) to prevent travel by air, and said, "Those who stormed the Capitol threaten internal and national security, and they must be added to the travel ban list."

On the other hand, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the military is committed to protecting the constitution against all foreign and local enemies, and that Biden will become the 46th commander of the armed forces on January 20 next.

The commission considered the storming of Congress by Trump supporters "a direct attack on the constitutional process."

The commission reminded the American soldiers, "in a letter of their mission to defend the constitution and reject extremism," according to CNN.