China News Service, January 12th. Comprehensive US media reported on the 12th that several gorillas at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in the United States tested positive for the new coronavirus. This is considered to be the first known case in the United States or even the world Cases of long animals infected with the new coronavirus.

Several gorillas at the San Diego Wildlife Park in the United States have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Image source: Screenshot of Associated Press report.

  Lisa Peterson, the executive director of the zoo, told the Associated Press on the 11th that the eight gorillas living in the zoo are believed to have been infected with the new crown virus, and several of them have developed cough symptoms.

  Peterson said that veterinarians are paying close attention to these gorillas and they will continue to stay in the habitat of the park in the north of San Diego.

Currently, they are taking vitamins, food, etc., but they have not yet received a special treatment for the virus.

  The ABC reported that the infection appeared to come from a member of the zoo’s animal care team.

This member was also tested to be infected with the new coronavirus, but has been asymptomatic.

In addition, the member has been wearing a mask while working near the gorilla.

  Wildlife experts expressed concern about gorillas being infected by the new coronavirus.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the western lowland gorilla was infected by the virus this time. Due to poaching and disease, their population has decreased by more than 60% in the past 20 years.

  It is not clear whether these gorillas infected with the new coronavirus will have a serious reaction.

  Since December 6, 2020, the zoo has been closed to the public.

On January 11, 2021, the zoo added more safety measures for its staff, including requiring them to wear masks and goggles when in contact with animals.