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Clément Follain / 20 Minutes

He was hot, and cold.

On Sunday, a police patrol rescued a child who fell in a frozen pond in Soissons, in the Aisne.

He is off for a cold snap and a big fright.

With the cold of recent days, the surface of the water bodies is covered with ice.

A layer thick enough to support birds, certainly not the weight of a child.

This is what a 12-year-old boy will have found at his expense, Sunday, when he ventured out onto the pond located in the square du Docteur Salmon, in the Chevreuse district, in Soissons.

The ice gave way under his weight and the teenager found himself submerged in icy water up to his armpits.

His friends caught the attention of the police

His comrades tried in vain to help him, the victim unable to extract himself from the water.

It was at this time that a police patrol passed through the area.

On seeing him, the children made signs to attract the attention of officials.

The police did not hesitate and went to retrieve the child who, frozen with cold, could not move.

While waiting for the fire department to arrive, officers warmed the teenager in their patrol car, wrapping him in survival blankets.

In a state of hypothermia, the young boy was taken for examination at the Soissons hospital center.


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