Despite the departure of Mesut Ozil, the Arsenal midfielder, from the team's accounts since March last year, the German player of Turkish origin said he did not regret joining the rival club in the English Premier League.

Coach Michael Arteta has excluded the 32-year-old, whose contract extends until June and earns a wage of 350,000 pounds ($ 473,235) per week, according to press reports, to Arsenal's Premier League or Europa League list for the 2020-2021 season.

British media reports say Ozil may leave the London club in January, and the coach has said he will be allowed to leave if he receives a suitable offer.

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Ozil said during a chat with fans on Twitter, "There have been many ups and downs so far, but overall I have never regretted the decision to join Arsenal."

He added, "To be honest, the last matches before the outbreak of the Coronavirus in February and March 2020 were very exciting indeed. But after the stoppage, things changed, unfortunately."

Ozil has the right to negotiate with other clubs this month. Indeed, local media reported that he had held talks with Turkey's Fenerbahce and US DC United.

"Fenerbahce is like Real Madrid in Spain. It is my team ... It is the biggest club in Turkey. Every Turkish German encourages a team in Turkey when he grows up in Germany," the player added.

"There are two countries I would like to play in before my retirement, namely Turkey and the United States. If I go to Turkey, I will only join Fenerbahce," he said.