Nightwish band Marko Hietala announced on Tuesday that she would leave the band and at the same time withdraw from publicity.

Hietala's decision came as a surprise to the fans and the band announced that on the upcoming world tour, Hietala will be replaced by a session bassist.

According to Hietala, he has not felt good for a few years, so he intends to say goodbye to Nightwish and the public.

- If I continued like this, it would be dangerous for me and the people around me.

Some of my thoughts a moment ago were gloomy.

Do not worry, I'm fine.

I have two sons, my wife, the rest of my family, friends, a dog and a lot of love, Hietala commented on his decision in the press release.

Hietala also criticizes how big streaming services require a huge amount of work for artists and the revenue is, in his view, unfairly distributed, “even among the artists themselves”.

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Fans around the world mourn Hietala’s departure from the band.

However, many say they understand his decision.

- Marko's departure from the band leaves a big gap in Nightwish.

I fully understand Marko and support his decision.

But Nightwish is no longer the same, one tweets.

- Sad news, but the decision must be respected.

You leave the big boots to fill.

- Really unfortunate, but understandable.

Cheer and strength!

Hopefully we will hear more from the top bassist in the future.

The biggest reason I actually started practicing bass playing a few years ago.

- Pretty shocking news.

The justification in itself is certainly quite justified in bringing a cat to the table.

Yes, a different important piece is now missing from the night vision.

Fans have shared photos with their idol and written touching messages for him.

- I'm sorry, that area did this to you.

I look forward to your next move.

Your fan for the rest of your life.

Hietala's output has also become a news item for international music magazines.

The media have shared Hietala's update and repeated the musician's career.

Hietala's resignation was distributed on the pages of, among others, the prestigious British metal music magazine Metal Hammer and the website Blabbermouth, which focuses on heavy music.

Marko Hietala has been the bassist and singer of the band Nightwish since 2001.

Hietala created a wonderful career in an internationally successful band, but at the same time suffered from depression and alcoholism.

He caught on to his success during the peak years of 2010.

Marko Hietala has been one of the most well-known and recognized members of the super-popular symphony metal ensemble Nightwish for two decades. Photo: SEPPO SOLMELA / IS

After Hietala leaves Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards), Kai Hahto (drums), Emppu Vuorinen (guitar), Troy Donockley (multi-instrumentalist) and Floor Jansen (vocals) remain.

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