Canadian media Sporstnet believes Jesse Puljujärvi is a positive surprise for the upcoming NHL season at the Edmonton Oilers.

Puljujärvi returns to Oilers from Oulu's Kärpi, which he starred last and this season.

- Puljujärvi is back and we get a reminder of what kind of guy he is: 193 cents tall and weighing 92 pounds.

Better than average skater and shots.

He has so many hockey players that it would be a tragedy if it couldn’t be dug out, reporter Mark Spector writes.

According to the expert, one thing in particular may lead to a better outcome for Lake Puljujärvi than during the previous NHL visit.

- The most important change is that Puljujärvi's English language skills have developed enormously.

How many times during the previous NHL visit did he tell the coach that he understood, though he didn’t understand?

How miserable could it be when he couldn’t even eat dinner with the guys and understand what was being said?

Spector believes that a happy and prosperous Lake Puljujärvi can make a positive impact on Edmonton’s game.

Oilers' superstar Connor McDavid has previously told about the change in Puljujärvi.

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Oilers booked Puljujärvi, 22, in 2016 for the fourth shift.

In 2016–19, he played 139 matches in the NHL, scoring 37 power points.