In the United States, the execution of the country’s only federal female prisoner in a death cell has been postponed.

Lisa Montgomery, 52, was scheduled to be executed on Tuesday.

Had the execution been carried out, Montgomery would have been the first woman to be executed by federal order in the United States in nearly 70 years.

According to the court, Montgomery may not be able to understand the consequences of his actions or the punishment he has suffered for them, so the matter must be re-examined in court.

Montgomery lawyers say she has a brain injury that the woman received from repeated assaults as a child.

Montgomery was sentenced to death after she was killed in 2004 by strangling an eighth-hearted pregnant woman in Missouri and cutting a baby out of a woman’s belly to capture it for herself.

Montgomery may avoid execution altogether, as future U.S. President Joe Biden opposes the death penalty and may pardon him.