In the New Music Competition, seven finalists will aim for the position of Finnish Eurovision representative in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year, Eurovision was canceled due to the coronavirus.

The seven finalists for the new Music competition were scheduled to be announced on Wednesday, January 13, but now they have leaked in advance on social media.

The list of names has spread on Twitter and discussion forums, among other things.

IS did not reach Yle to comment.

In October, Yle announced the selection of finalists.

The finalists were chosen by the UMK professional jury chaired by YleX's music manager Tapio Hakanen.

- the level of the songs and artists was incredibly strong and I am confident that we have coming in the spring of 2021 UMK toughest of all time.

I'm really happy and grateful to each and every song that sent to Yle musician, Hakanen commented in October Excessive release.

Hakanen also hinted at the time what kind of artists were applying for the competition this year.

- Among the applicants were several Eurovision representatives of the past years, endurance stars awarded at the Emma Gala, Finland's most potential music export hopes at the moment, artists seen only in Life, energetic rock bands and hot names of Alternative Music praised by critics.

The versatility of the songs sent is also reflected in the final table setting of seven songs, Hakanen glowed in the press release.

Finland's next Eurovision representative and UMK21 winner will be announced on 20 February 2021 in the UMK final to be held at Tampere Mediapolis.

The winner will be chosen jointly by the TV viewers and the International UMK Jury.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the spring of 2021 in Rotterdam in one way or another.