Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) - In the trial against a suspected drug dealer who is said to have driven into an officer in a car while fleeing the police, the public prosecutor has demanded six years and two months imprisonment.

Before the regional court in Frankfurt, the prosecutor found on Tuesday that the man had not been able to see the officer in November 2019 during his hasty escape.

Nevertheless, the 45-year-old had "accepted his injury".

Because the police vehicle that he rammed was manned by several officers.

Instead of being charged with attempted murder as originally charged, the defendant must therefore be convicted of dangerous bodily harm.

For a 45-year-old who was also accused of the previous marijuana business, the prosecution requested five years and two months in prison.

The defense lawyers of both defendants each demanded lower sentences.

The incident occurred in a parking lot in Wiesbaden.

The officer could only jump to the side to get to safety.

The jury chamber wants to announce the verdict next Tuesday (January 19th).