YouTube has long been more than just a platform on which amateurs can upload their films.

YouTube has become a line of business and for many bloggers - or better: vlogger, i.e. video blogger - has become a main job.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a full professional: Correct vlogging naturally also includes the right equipment - i.e. the right vlog camera.

So if you are looking for the perfect YouTube camera, you should definitely not go for the first model that comes along.

What must a YouTube camera be able to do?

There are a few things to look out for when purchasing a vlogging camera.

  • The camera shouldn't be too heavy.

    If you shoot vlogs on the go and want to film yourself (without a tripod), you will notice the weight of the camera relatively quickly.

  • The camera should enable 4K videos - even if many vloggers still "only" publish in HD,

  • It is extremely practical for vloggers if the camera's display can be swiveled or folded.

    So you have the opportunity to see yourself in the display while you are filming.

  • The auto focus is also very important.

    Especially if you move around a lot in the video, it is important that the camera has a good autofocus system that always ensures that you are in focus.

    Quite a few bloggers have had to re-shoot videos cursing because the poor autofocus system on their cameras thwarted their plans - and their face was blurred.

  • A camera with WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity is also practical.

  • At best, a vlogging camera is an all-rounder - and is ideally suited not only for videography, but also for photography.

    So it should have a large sensor and offer photos with at least 20MP.

    YouTube camera: some recommended models


    Canon has several cameras in its range that can be used as vlogging cameras.

    The mirrorless EOS M50 * enables 24.1 MP pictures and 4K videos - in UHD (2160p) to be precise, which has been optimized for TV sets.

    It is relatively small, handy and light and has a foldable display.

    The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system takes care of the autofocus.

    It has a WLAN and Bluetooth connection.

    The camera is available from Amazon as a set with a lens, if you already have the appropriate lenses, you can only buy the body.


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    Speaking of lenses: It is ideal if the camera has a very fast lens.

    To put it simply: the smaller the f-number, the more the background blurs - and the object (the vlogger) comes to the fore.

    The effect is called bokeh in photography - and it is also very popular for portrait photos.

    The PowerShot Mark III * model is also from Canon.

    It is not a system camera with both lenses that can be changed, but a compact camera with a permanently installed lens.

    It is even smaller than the EOS M50 - and fits in every jacket pocket.

    That is a great advantage - because the saying “The best camera is always the one you have with you” applies.

    Not only does it offer 4K video, it even has its own 4K slow motion function.


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    With the X-T2, the XT-3 and recently the XT-4 *, Fujis established itself as the crowd favorite for mirrorless cameras.

    No wonder: the cameras are not extremely versatile and compact and allow professional pictures and videos, but rather exude a vintage vibe.

    Fuji relies on analog button assignment - here you set the exposure time & Co. via a rotary knob and thus have an analog feeling. While the previous models were already bestsellers, Fuji fulfilled a blogger's long-term wish: a foldable display.


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    The Lumix range from Panasonic is also very popular with vloggers.

    A current and recommended model is the Lumix DC-GG10 * - a compact interchangeable lens camera that offers everything a vlogger's heart desires.

    4K videos, swiveling display and fast autofocus.


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    With the ZV-1 *, Sony also has a compact vlogging camera on offer.

    The LCD display, which can be folded out to the side, is just as practical as the built-in 3-capsule microphone, which is supposed to provide optimal sound without an external microphone.

    With real-time autofocus technology, the autofocus always has the eyes of the person being filmed in view.

    The ZV-1 uses a built-in lens.


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    What other equipment do vloggers need?


    The right tripod is also important for vlogging.

    This is not only practical when the camera needs to be fixed, it also serves as a handle and provides the necessary distance if you want to film yourself.

    A popular model is the so-called Gorillapod * from Joby, which is available in different versions.

    Thanks to its ball mechanism, it can be shaped as desired, attached to railings, but also stands firmly on the floor or other surfaces.

    From the simple gorillapod to the model for smartphones to the gorillapod with video swivel head *, there are all sorts of models that are worth taking a look at.



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    If you want a larger tripod, a model like the Element Traveler Carbon from Manfrotto is an option.

    The tripod can be extended to a height of up to 1.41 meters, is collapsible and extremely light.

    This makes it possible to always have the tripod with you when traveling.



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    Since vlogging is not just about the video but also the audio component, a good microphone is also essential.

    The products from Rode are particularly popular - the microphone * is positioned directly on the camera's hot shoe and plugged in via a mini-jack.



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    If you want to shoot indoors, remember that the room (or the person) must be adequately lit.

    Many vloggers swear by the so-called ring light *, but a so-called softbox can also be used.



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    Now you can start vlogging - now you only need one thing: good content - then the followers will hopefully come by themselves.

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