North Korea's top leader, Kim Jong-un, has been elected as the Labor Party general secretary.

The Chosun Central News Agency yesterday (10th) reported on the content of the 6th day of the 8th Party Congress, saying, "The 8th Congress will decide to appoint Comrade Kim Jong-un high as the General Secretary of the Korean Workers' Party."

North Korea revised the Party Convention yesterday and restored the existing party chairman system to the secretary system.

Chairman Kim's younger sister, the first vice president of the party, Kim Yeo-jeong, was not even on the list of candidates for the Political Bureau.

It was not included in the list of party managers.

Chairman Kim's closest close friend, Yong-won Cho, was elected to the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and rose to the '5th place'.

The Political Bureau's Standing Committee, the core of the North Korean Labor Party's power, is composed of Chairman Kim and five members of the existing Political Bureau.

Yongwon Cho was also appointed secretary to the Central Committee of the Party and a member of the Central Military Committee.

It is observed that he has held the position of secretary of the organization.

Vice Chairman Park Bong-ju, formerly a standing committee member of the Political Bureau, withdrew from all party positions.

Along with this, the 1st Minister of Foreign Affairs Choi Sun-hee, a line to the United States, was relegated from a member of the Central Committee of the Party to a candidate, and Foreign Minister Lee Seon-kwon remained a candidate for the political bureau.

Jang Geum-cheol, the leader of the Unification Front, who was in charge of South Korea, is presumed to have been replaced after falling into the list of managers.

(Photo = Chosun Central News, Yonhap News)