Let the theoretical study "learn with taste, and comprehend it" (Jintai Dianbing)

  An ordinary soldier who had only junior high school education when he enlisted in the army actually sat on the board of judges in the political theory teaching post of the Rocket Army Academy.

In the past few days, Yu Xiwen, a squad leader of a certain Rocket Army, learned and practiced the party’s innovative theory and became an excellent political teacher model. His deeds have been widely reported and aroused enthusiastic responses.

Yu Xiwen has a deep understanding of military ideological and political education: "The power of truth, true feelings and trueness, with the help of moving, beautiful and emotional means, can we better understand it."

  In order to effectively improve the teaching effect, Yu Xiwen innovated the teaching method, combining reasoning and storytelling, big themes and small cuts, and using simple language, vivid examples, and intuitive diagrams through teaching methods such as seminars and case studies. As well as short videos, cartoons and other media that young officers and soldiers like, they have inspired everyone to learn and practice the party’s innovative theory.

  The All-Army Ideological and Political Education Work Conference pointed out that focusing on strengthening the party's ideological and political leadership over the army, we should focus on building an ideological and political education system for the people's army in the new era, and innovate educational concepts, content, methods, strength, work operations, and institutional mechanisms.

In recent years, military ideological and political instructors have actively explored innovative methods to make innovative theories more grounded: a regiment of the Xinjiang Military Region used modern media technology to create "five micro" platforms such as micro lecture halls and micro videos; the armed police Weinan detachment introduced VR technology to reproduce the revolution The scene enables officers and soldiers to learn through the comprehensive use of vision, hearing, touch and other perceptions... These beneficial explorations that combine new technical means with ideological and political education make theoretical learning "tasteful and entertaining."

  The army follows the party, and the strong army first creates the soul.

To forge the soul of the army under the banner of the party and train absolutely loyal revolutionary fighters, we must promote the party's innovative theories to deepen, be solid, and focused, and gather a strong centripetal force like a magnetic field.

To achieve this, we must devote more effort to the methods and methods of ideological and political education.

  It is worth noting that today's young officers and soldiers have basically grown up in the Internet age, and their cultural level, hobbies, etc., have undergone profound changes compared with the past.

These new changes put forward new requirements for educators: We must let ideological and political education into our minds, so that officers and soldiers can understand and recognize new theories, new knowledge, and new ideas, and learn something.

  To improve the effectiveness of education, we should keep pace with the times and use methods, methods, and content that officers and soldiers love to see, promote the integration of traditional advantages of ideological and political work with information technology, convey the party’s voice, tell stories about strengthening the army, and encourage their will to train and prepare for war.

In this process, it is necessary to establish network thinking, establish a network position, activate network resources, and manage network risks, so that the "biggest variable" of the network becomes the "maximum increment" to enhance the effect of education.

  The journey is long, only struggle.

Keeping pace with the times and constantly innovating are the source of vitality for our military's ideological and political education.

Through keen innovation, the construction of the ideological and political education system of the people’s army in the new era will surely promote the ideological and political education of our army from a new starting point, open up a new situation in the ideological and political education of the people’s army in the new era, and provide for the promotion of the cause of strengthening the army Strong ideological and political guarantee.

  Li Longyi