Actor David Hasselhoff has commented on the ongoing new film Knight Ace.

He shared his opinion in an interview with the online magazine Heavy Consequences.

Hasselhoff says he is passionate and emotional about Knight Ace.

He hopes the production team will keep the film true to the spirit of the original TV series.

- It's not about a talking car, it's about Michael and KITT.

In addition, it is about action and the “one man can heal the world” principle.

If they follow these, I will probably give my approval to this.

If not - then they have “hacked Hoff,” Hasselhoff says, referring to the Hassle the Hoff proverb, which refers to the anger of an actor star.

Hasselhoff says he is hopeful about the new film after hearing more about its authoring team.

According to him, the film’s screenwriter TJ Fixman is a big Knight Ace fan, and has, for example, sent Hasselhoff a picture of himself riding a KITT car.

Hasselhoff says he doesn’t know at all what the movie is coming from and whether he’s going to ask him to join it.

He says, however, his approval is sought for the script.

- Am I involved or not, do I accept the film or not?

The answer is: I don't know.

David Hasselhoff starred in the original Knight Ace series from 1982-1986.

The original Knight Ace series was made in 1982–1986 for four production seasons and 90 episodes.

Hasselhoff starred in the original series as Michael Knight.

In 2008, the series was extended by 17 episodes.

The sequel took place 25 years after the events of the original series and starred Justin Bruening, who played Michael’s son Mike.

Knight Ace has also made several television films and spin-off series that are either a sequel to or based on the original series.

Knight Ace has also inspired several video game makers.

The theater-scale film Ritari Ässä has been talked about since at least 2002.

Actor Orlando Bloom and show wrestler John Cena, among others, are planned to play the lead role over the years.

However, it has been decided to dig into previous ideas with little sound.