No less than eight departments are concerned as of this Sunday by an extension of the curfew, brought forward to 6 p.m.

In Côte d'Or, the president of the Departmental Council, François Sauvadet, criticizes on Europe 1 the application of the measure throughout its territory without taking into account local specificities. 


The government announced on Saturday, through Jean Castex, that the curfew was advanced to 6 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. in eight new departments.

This measure against Covid-19 "difficult but necessary" in the words of the Prime Minister is widely contested by elected officials.

Invited from Europe 1 on Sunday, the president of the Departmental Council of Côte-d'Or, François Sauvadet, deplored the centralism in the management of the epidemic: "It is a totally administered and technocratic vision of health."


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The extension of the curfew was piloted by the government without the support of the local communities, affirms the president of the department: “We cannot really say that there was consultation [...]. the rules are decided, we must be able to discuss their territorial application to allow there to be an appropriation of the citizens. "

The measure now applies to its entire department.

"You have to bang your fist on the table"

If he concedes that "Dijon is very concerned" by the epidemic, "the third most affected city after Nice and Nancy", the elected representative regrets that the government did not take into account the local specificities concerning the epidemic.

"Everywhere else in the department we have a much lower incidence rate."

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Evoking "a form of health arrogance", he protested: "The decisions are taken from Paris and apply without even checking the conditions in which we could avoid bugs or in which we could be very active ... This also applies to vaccination ", he specifies, before adding:" You have to bang your fist on the table, we have a real problem with the health authorities! "