It hurts the doer, and so does having sex.

During sex, you may call your partner by the wrong name, suffer from flatulence, or fall asleep in the middle of work.

Fortunately, even embarrassing situations can make you laugh afterwards.

Finnish women revealed their own embarrassing experiences.

"I was left to flaunt my clothes"

- Came to drive in a dark car and began to make up my mind.

The car was parked in a secluded location under the power lines and nothing more than the back seat.

Towards the end of the job, the blue lights started flashing behind the car and the flashlight light approached the car.

All the glasses were all in fog, so nothing was visible outside, even though the police officer tried his hand with a flashlight inside the cucumber.

The man quickly put on his t-shirt and pants and even without socks bounced out of the car.

I was left to flaunt my clothes until after a while the man came back to the back seat.

Police had asked if all was well and if they interrupted something.

The man had said that yes we could get things done.

The cops had been laughing for some reason.

Apparently some dog walker had reported the suspicious car.

“Paper swabs in the nose and continue”

- My boyfriend and I were pretty drunk and we started to get excited.

The man tried to turn me into bed so that he would come on top of me and tried to do it sexy ... Well, I flew to the floor and my nose hit the man's clavicle and I started bleeding like Niagara Falls.

Not in it, paper drops in the nose and continue.

Satin sheets can be deceptively slippery. Image: Colourbox

"Didn't get that night"

- Plans for an all-night revelry.

The bed has sinful black satin sheets, makeup on the face, hair on the bump and a baby doll on top - satin too.

Passionate kisses already at the door, reversing the sausage.

Charmingly, I threw myself on the bed and slid at full speed over the whole damn punk, dropping the bum above the bed and the wardrobe, the tits flashing and all the limbs pointing towards the ceiling.

And I'm stuck.

For five seconds, the man just stared at the squeaking on my back and started laughing crazy.

He had to move the bed before I got up from there, the accordion and lower back with bruises and blood scars.

Didn't get it that night.

And I took that sheet the next morning to the flea market.

“My mother slammed in the door”

- As a former boyfriend, I was losing my virginity in his parents' caravan when his stepfather slammed in the door and at the same second the “box” was heard and the condom came off.

A year later, with the same ex, we were in a hustle and bustle in my room when my mother slammed in the door and invited me to eat.

When he realized what was going on, he just stated that he would then wash his hands thoroughly first.

"Even today, I haven't even dared to tell my best friend ..."

- At a young age, especially drunk gingerbread came as an e-mail (mocha itself), and once one of those who received the e-mail looked so awful in the morning that I wondered how many per mille I had in the evening.

I quietly took my clothes with me and only wore them in the stairwell ... Ah, I got rid of it!

And what else.

I was living on the sixth floor then and this guy had found out where I live.‍ It wrote my name and hearts in the snow, shouted to love me and sang ballads under my balcony for a long time.

For several years, I pulled the Hood over my head or turned on my heels when I saw a person somewhat reminiscent of him.

Even today, I haven't even dared to tell my best friend who that horror memory was ...

"You missed it when you left it"

- After breakfast, the man got up and asked, "Where is the wrinkle, yes I put it."

I got out of bed with lightning and turned on the lights.

The whole bed was penged and it was not found anywhere.

Then I flashed.

I threw myself on the bed on his back and said, "You missed it when you left it there."

The man did the work as instructed.

We both laughed in a curl.

"Perception left"

- We had been alone with my husband for a few years and our son was small.

I got the boy to the loafers and the hubby came home from work with things to do.

Well, warmed up in time, I showed a green light and the hubby jumped to stand - coward so excited - on the bed to throw clothes in the corner.

PAM, the man dropped like a glove on me.

He had hit his head on a full-length propeller light on the ceiling.

Perception left.

When he regained consciousness, he did go so screaming that nothing came of it.

A man pulled me by the hair so that the extensions remained in his hand, recalls a woman.Photo: Colourbox

“I vomited”

- Sometimes as a teenager, the top idea was to use rapeseed oil as a slider.

Bad idea, did not taste good.

I vomited.

“This is my jam”

- As a teenager, my first boyfriend pushed me on the penis with his penis and sang at the same time, "Oh hot damn, this is my jam."

“An embarrassing eye contact arose”

- We went for a ride with my ex-boyfriend and ended up parking the car and then getting to work.

For a while it was busy until I looked out the car window.

There was an old woman using us.

An embarrassing eye contact arose and the woman continued to run the dog.

"Neither ever looked the other in the eye again"

- My ex-boyfriend lived with his gang and then we were there for the night.

There was a cottage in the yard where we were bustling until my ex-boyfriend’s father came to tell me the food was ready.

Of course, I grabbed a blanket over myself and I was trying to get myself covered in that face.

After this 30 minutes we went to eat and sat opposite Dad.

Neither ever looked the other in the eye again.

I couldn't get home by bus either, but my mother-in-law threw me and kept sex lighting in the car ...

“No highlights of my life”

- Then come the tried sex tampon.

The man is on a travel job and was kind of nice to have sex when he happened to be home and those damn monks hurt.

Well, Akti went well and there was no blood anywhere.

But then by no means did I get that damn tampon out.

Not that night and not the next morning.

It was Friday and I thought I didn’t want to go to the emergency room with it in the evening.

I called an adult clinic that would be a small problem.

There was a student in the clinic training and they asked if the trainee could be present during the removal operation.

I promised.

The aunt of the clinic asked what exactly should be removed from there.

Soon he then claimed that there was nothing there.

I replied that it certainly is.

Eventually, he found a tampon somewhere in the womb just in the lute.

Inquired that how I got there it that way.

I can tell you that rarely embarrassing anything, but at this forty it wasn’t the highlights of my life.

And I’m definitely not pushing that kind of tampon into the box anymore.

"The man was scared"

- I had hair extensions on my head and during the session the man pulled me by the hair so that the extensions remained in his hand.

That man was a little scared because he didn’t know I had hair extensions.

Another mocha also occurred at the same time.

I had previously shaved off my eyebrows and drawn them.

After the hustle and bustle, I went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and I wondered if my other eyebrow had been completely wiped away.

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The article was originally published in Ilta-Sanomat on May 11, 2020.