Capitol intruder Jake Angeli, armed with buffalo horns and spear, was arrested on Saturday.

The 33-year-old was taken into custody in Arizona, the FBI announced.

The accusation is trespassing and resistance to state power on state premises.

Angeli is a supporter of the right-wing extremist conspiracy ideology QAnon.

During the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC, Angeli stood out primarily because of its elaborate staging: the tattooed Trump fan stood in the corridor of the Capitol with a bare torso, painted face and a fur hat with buffalo horns.

He carried a megaphone and a US flag.

Angeli was photographed by an AFP journalist during a demonstration in the state of Arizona in November and introduced herself as a “shaman and advisor to Trump supporters”.

Even then he wore his fur hat.

He describes himself as the "digital soldier" of the QAnon movement.

This sees the outgoing US President Donald Trump as a fighter against a criminal and satanist organization of pedophiles, the democratic politician, the billionaire George Soros and various Hollywood stars should belong.


Online users had mistakenly identified the man with the fur hat as the front man of the British band Jamiroquai, Jay Kay.

This denied on Twitter: "I'm afraid I wasn't with these freaks."

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