Trump ousted from Twitter: French politicians do not approve

French politicians denounce the stranglehold of the GAFA on the public debate.


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After his Facebook and Instagram profile, Donald Trump's Twitter account was suspended.

Reason given by the management of the preferred social network of the American president: his messages could incite violence, after the episode of the invasion of the Capitol.

This decision is not unanimous and in France, some political leaders have even criticized it.


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Jean-Luc Mélenchon was one of the first to step up to the plate in a raging tweet in which he asserted that "

 Trump's behavior cannot be used as a pretext for the GAFA to assume the power to control public debate


The GAFA - Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon - the digital giants are also in the sights of Marine Le Pen who evokes " 

a purge, a coup which should indignant any citizen attached to democracy.


Twitter's decision to ban Donald Trump in application of his only operating rules also raises questions for the majority deputy Aurore Bergé or the president LR of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand who spoke to express their fear on the power of GAFA and demand regulation.  

A concern shared by the Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O. who felt that if Twitter's decision was justifiable, it raised “ 

fundamental questions about the regulation of public debate 

” and that we needed “

 to invent a new form of democratic supervision.



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