What does the future bring when it comes to Finnish motorists?

Even if the car year 2020 went down in history as a massive influx of plug-in hybrids, the new year 2021 did not begin to overshadow it: it is certain that electrification will continue.

More and more plug-in hybrids are entering the market, but now the supply of electric cars is also expanding.

This is ensured by the large and major car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia, Daimler, BMW, Nissan and slowly left the East Toyota, which has given the first indications of the new electric cars.

It is already ready for production planning.

Spacious electric car Volkswagen ID.4Picture: Harry Kuurio

New crossover: Renault Arkana

The Opel Mokka comes in both electric and pure internal combustion engine versions

In addition, other manufacturers such as Škoda, Polestar, Tesla and Fiat will complement the electrifying car range with their new models coming to Finland this year.

Although the change is gradual, it electrifies the atmosphere of the car world in Europe, including Finland.

There is a kind of market redistribution at hand where one cannot be left lying on fire.

There is no going back to the old days, but on the other hand, there are no worries about petrol, diesel or gas cars either: they will be available to anyone who wants to for many years to come.

Scheduling uncertainty occurs especially towards the end of the year, and many new developments are generally only reported on a quarterly basis.

Therefore, the information in the table is partly indicative.

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Crossover model Alfa Romeo TonalePicture: Zumapress / MVPhotos

Toyota Group's first electric car Lexus UX 300e. Photo: Toni Jalovaara

Favorite model with heels Toyota Yaris Cross

Fully electric Polestar 2Picture: Toni Jalovaara

With and without electricity: Citroën C4

Fully electronic Škoda EnyaqPicture: Kari Ylänne / IS

Electricity for the A-Series: Mercedes-Benz EQA

SUV Tesla Model YPhoto: LEHTIKUVA / AFP

Electric car revamped: Hyundai Ioniq ElectricPicture: Zumapress / MVPhotos

Renewed classic: Land Rover DefenderPicture: Toni Jalovaara

Sophisticated rechargeable sedan: DS 9