, Berlin, January 8 (Reporter Peng Dawei) Merck today announced the acquisition of AmpTec, a leading mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

This transaction enhances Merck's ability to develop and produce mRNA for customers for use in vaccines, treatment and diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia and many other diseases.

  Merck, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is a world-leading technology company with a focus on medical and health, life sciences and high-performance materials industries.

It is reported that Merck's acquisition of AmpTec and its PCR technology is based on its extensive expertise in the field of lipid manufacturing, which enables Merck to provide truly unique and integrated products in the mRNA value chain, significantly reducing the complexity of the supply chain and Speed ​​up the time to market.

  “The success of the new coronary pneumonia mRNA vaccine has paved the way for accelerating the development of these therapeutic drugs for a variety of other diseases.” Stefan Oschmann, Chairman and CEO of Merck’s Executive Board, said on the same day, “By combining AmpTec with PCR-based mRNA technology Combined with Merck's extensive expertise in the field of lipid manufacturing, we are able to provide truly differentiated and integrated products along the mRNA value chain, which will significantly reduce the complexity of the supply chain and speed up the time to market. This transaction is generated through Customized small-scale acquisitions with huge impact to support another important step in the growth of our life sciences business."

  Lipids are part of the SAFC® product portfolio of Merck's life sciences business unit, and are one of the key ingredients in the formulation of mRNA treatment drugs including the new coronary pneumonia vaccine.

Merck has more than 20 years of experience in this field and is currently cooperating with more than 50 vaccine manufacturers (some of which use mRNA in their products) to support them in the development and production of new coronary pneumonia vaccines, therapeutic drugs and Efforts in service.

PCR technology is another important part of mRNA production.

AmpTec uses differential PCR technology for mRNA production, which has now shown its advantages over other production technologies.

  In addition to specializing in mRNA technology, AmpTec is also engaged in the diagnostic business, focusing on the production of customized long-chain RNA and DNA for in vitro diagnostics.

This will be a complement to Merck's diagnostics business unit, which specializes in providing key raw materials, components and services to in vitro diagnostic manufacturers.

Merck's molecular materials product portfolio includes customized and pre-designed DNA oligonucleotides and probes for multiple applications such as PCR, next-generation sequencing, and microarray production.

  Merck will continue to invest in mRNA as a model and will expand the technology at AmpTec’s existing facilities in Hamburg and Merck’s global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.