US President-elect Joe Biden delivered a speech in Wilmington, Delaware on January 8, local time, announcing the nomination of the Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Labor for his new government.

Less than two weeks before Biden officially took office as President of the United States, these two nominations marked Biden's completion of the nomination of all cabinet ministers.

  The following are the candidates nominated by the cabinet of Biden's new administration:

  White House Chief of Staff: Ron Klain, Klein is Biden's long-term assistant.

  Secretary of the Treasury: Janet Yellen, former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

  Attorney General: Merrick Garland, Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

  Secretary of Defense: 67-year-old African-American retired general Lloyd Austin (Lloyd Austin).

  Secretary of State: Biden's long-time ally, Antony Blinken.

  Director of the Environmental Protection Agency: Michael S. Regan, the top environmental regulator in North Carolina.

  The President’s Special Envoy for Climate: John Kerry, former Secretary of State.

  The White House Climate Envoy: Gina McCarthy, who served as Director of the Environmental Protection Agency under Obama.

  Minister of the Interior: Representative Deb Haaland (Deb Haaland).

  Secretary of Labor: Boston Mayor Martin Walsh (Marty Walsh).

  Secretary of Commerce: Governor of Rhode Island Gina Raimondo (Gina Raimondo).

  Secretary of Homeland Security: Alejandro Mayorkas. If approved by the Senate, Alejandro Mayorkas will become the first Latino immigrant to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security.

  Minister of Veterans Affairs: Denis McDonough, Chief of Staff of the White House during Obama's term.

  Minister of Transport: Pete Buttigieg (Pete Buttigieg), Buttigieg is the youngest candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

  Secretary of Energy: Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (Jennifer Granholm).

  US Ambassador to the United Nations: Black female diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield (Linda Thomas-Greenfield).

  US Director of National Intelligence: Avril Haines (Avril Haines), if the nomination is confirmed, she will become the first woman to serve as the US Director of National Intelligence.

  National Security Adviser: Jack Sullivan (Jake Sullivan), Jack Sullivan served as a national security adviser during Obama's term.

  Director of the Office of Administration and Budget in the United States: Neera Tanden (Neera Tanden), if confirmed, Tanden will become the first female of color and South Asian American director in the department's history.

  White House Press Secretary: Jennifer Psaki, Senior Advisor to Biden’s Transition Team.

  White House Chief Economic Advisor: Brian Deese.

  United States Trade Representative: Katherine Tai, the chief trade counsel of the House Ways and Means Committee, and a Chinese American.

  Director of the US Department of Health: Vivek Murthy (Vivek Murthy), who served as the Director of the Department of Health.

  US Secretary of Health and Human Services: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (Xavier Becerra).

  Director of the White House Domestic Policy Committee: Susan Rice, former US national security adviser and former US ambassador to the United Nations.

  Secretary of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack, the US Secretary of Agriculture under Obama.

  Minister of Housing and Urban Development: Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge (Marcia Fudge).

  Secretary of Education: Miguel Cardona, Connecticut's highest education official.

  Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Rochelle Walensky, professor at Harvard Medical School.

  Coordinator and Chairman’s Coordinator for Covid-19 Response: Jeff Zients, who served as the director of the National Economic Council of the United States and President Obama’s economic adviser.

  Chief Medical Consultant for New Coronary Pneumonia: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

  Deputy Chief of Staff: Bruce Rere, Biden's longtime adviser.

  (Headquarters reporter Xu Dezhi)