WHO = World Health Organization Secretary-General Tedros expressed strong concern about the vaccine for the new coronavirus, saying that most economically rich countries have secured most and not spread to less rich countries, and moved to an international distribution framework. I asked for the offer.

WHO Secretary-General Tedros said at a regular press conference on Wednesday that "wealthy countries initially bought up the majority of multiple vaccines, and now high- and middle-income countries have additional pharmaceuticals. They are starting to sign their own contracts with the company, "he said, noting that most economically rich countries have secured most.

To date, vaccination and preparation has begun in 42 countries, 36 of which are economically rich high-income countries and 6 are middle-income countries, which are not economically rich, according to Tedros. It means that it has not spread to low-income countries.

"There is a clear problem that low-income and most middle-income countries cannot receive the vaccine at all," said Tedros, who expressed strong concern over the vaccine gap.

In addition, we request countries that have contracted more vaccines than necessary for their own citizens to provide them to the international distribution framework established by WHO and others, and each country and pharmaceutical companies will be more unique. He called for refraining from signing a contract.

Survey of WHO sources, etc. Scheduled with the Chinese side

WHO = World Health Organization's international team of experts investigating the source of the new coronavirus was unable to enter China, Secretary-General Tedros coordinated with the Chinese side on the 8th, and will be dispatched next week Showed the idea of ​​wanting to decide.

"We have agreed to contact the Chinese authorities and ask them to provide us with a detailed dispatch date in the coming days. We will be able to set a dispatch date next week," said Secretary-General Tedros.

WHO initially planned to send a team of experts to China in the first week of January, but allowed two of them to arrive earlier because Chinese authorities had not completed the necessary procedures for entry. Secretary-General Tedros expressed disappointment at the meeting on the 5th because he did not.