China News Service, January 8th. According to foreign media reports on the 8th, after the violence of his supporters attacking Congress, US President Trump condemned the violence in the latest video released on social media and said "The new government will take office on January 20."

Data map: US President Trump.

  According to reports, regarding the violence, Trump said, “Like all Americans, I am angry with violence, lawlessness and chaos. Those who violate the law, you have to pay the price.”

  He also said, "We must continue to deal with American affairs." "Now Congress has confirmed this result. The new government will take office on January 20. My focus now is to ensure the stability, order, and order of power. Seamless handover." "This moment requires wound healing and reconciliation."

  According to reports, the joint congressional meeting is the last step in the US presidential election, but on the 6th, there was an unexpected twist.

Some demonstrators were dissatisfied with the results of the election. At about 2:15 pm that day, they broke the doors and windows and broke into the parliament building, causing the meeting to be interrupted.

  In the early morning of the 7th, Eastern Time, the United States Congress confirmed that the Democrat and former Vice President Biden won 306 electoral votes and was elected the 46th President of the United States.

The current President Trump won 232 electoral votes.

  Trump later issued a statement saying that although he did not agree with the results of the presidential election, the transfer of power scheduled for January 20 will proceed in an orderly manner.