Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams were the lifeblood of 2020, as we used them for almost everything from work and study remotely, to parties and virtual appointments with doctors.

But writer Ina Fried believes in this report, which was published by the American site "Axios", that the experience we went through last year proved that these programs should evolve, and be more diverse, special and enjoyable.

Because it is illogical to use the same program for distance learning, family events and cultural seminars.

Development efforts

The author confirms that companies have already started working to develop their services and provide new benefits to users, as the Zoom application added new security features to protect privacy, and Microsoft Teams provided its users with a set of innovative backgrounds for a number of meeting places, such as virtual cafes and lecture halls.

And began "Cisco" (Cisco) in the introduction of new versions of the "Webex" (Webex), including a version designed for meetings of parliaments and legislative bodies of states that seek to transfer their activities to the virtual world.

The writer adds that a number of startups have also begun to work on creating new features for video conferencing, beyond just designing beautiful virtual backgrounds.

Spatial seeks to make the video communication process closer to the experience of integrating into a virtual world, as happens in some video games.

But that may make these virtual meetings lose one of its most important features, according to the writer, which is the ability to easily perform several tasks during the meeting.

A spacial company seeks to make the video communication process closer to an experience of merging in a virtual world (Reuters)

Experience limits

Despite all the efforts made by technology companies, the author believes that there are still many shortcomings, as the makers of this technology offer platforms that are close in size and design to suit most users, which causes applications to lose the ability to capture the most intimate moments in the communication process. .

In her opinion, it is not only related to the quality of the applications and software;

It is also the quality of the network, and the quality of broadcast devices that play an important role in providing a more enjoyable service.

The author expects that the coming period will witness a greater demand for microphones, cameras and lighting rings.

To improve sound and picture in video meetings, and for companies providing this service to enter the smart display market.