On Friday, Johanna Matintalo was in the Fifth Traditional Ten in the Tour de Sk.

The result is the best of his career in the World Cup, and IS ski expert Harri Kirvesniemi sees that the performance can also be considered the best of the 24-year-old Matintalo's career so far.

- One can even talk about the best race.

Sure, he's been around 10th place with all the best, but now the difference to the top was really small.

A certain competition was held as a joint start, although the group broke up a bit.

Matintalo won a lot of skiers, for whom he usually loses, Kirvesniemi bundles.

Matintalo was painfully close to the prize pool and apricoted himself as to whether he made a tactical mistake of being too far from the top before the final round.

Kirvesniemi understands Matintalo's line of thought: when the podium player is so close, many kinds of ideas come to mind.

In Kirvesniemi's opinion, however, Matintalo did not make a mistake.

- It didn't look like it to me.

However, I can’t believe he would have had enough, at least for the podium, even if the positions had been better.

The other side of the issue is that when you apply for a better position, you also have to use force.

Quite wisely both (Matintalo and Krista Pärmäkoski) skied.

- They skied very thoughtfully and went to tighten if necessary when the bow happened.

Pärmäkoski, who skied to the finish line in sixth place after Matintalo, is also sixth in the overall situation of the Tour.

It delights Kirvesniemi.

- He has definitely been a positive surprise when you look at Touria overall.

He doesn’t have any failed races, and he’s skied better than I could have expected.

- Judging from the comments, Krista herself or her coach (Matti Haavisto) didn't know how to expect such a level.

I would never have guessed that he is so high in the overall fight, Kirvesniemi said.