China News Service, January 8th, according to Peru’s “Gazette”, on the 7th local time, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the Ministry of Health of Peru issued an epidemiological alert in response to the recent confirmed cases of Peru’s new crown , The number of deaths and hospitalizations increased.

Data map: The picture shows the families of Peruvian new coronary pneumonia patients lining up to charge the oxygen cylinders.

  According to reports, the Peruvian Center for Disease Control and Prevention requires the Lima Health Bureau, private medical institutions, etc., to strengthen epidemiological surveillance activities and take control and preventive measures in order to reduce the death rate of Peru's new crown virus.

  The Peruvian Center for Disease Control and Prevention also pointed out that after the abolition of mandatory social distancing measures, the initiation of the fourth phase of economic recovery, and the Christmas and New Year holidays, the number of confirmed cases and deaths in various regions of the country has increased significantly, as of January 5, 2021 , Peru’s new coronavirus infection rate was 3.14%, and the case fatality rate was 3.7%.

  In addition, Peruvian President Sagasti announced on the 6th in a television speech to the country that Peru has reached an agreement with China National Pharmaceutical Group to purchase the new crown inactivated vaccine produced by the group. The first batch of 1 million doses of vaccine will arrive in Peru this month.

  Sagasti also announced that Peru had also signed a contract to purchase a new crown vaccine with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on the 6th.

According to the contract, AstraZeneca will provide 14 million doses of vaccine from September this year.

  The Minister of Health of Peru stated that the first batch of people to receive the new crown vaccine will be medical workers, members of the armed forces and national police, and citizens over 60 years of age.

  On the other hand, the Peruvian Exporters Association (ADEX) estimated on the 7th that Peru’s total exports in 2020 will be approximately 38 billion U.S. dollars, which will be 18% lower than in 2019.

  The Exporters Association pointed out that in 2020, Peru's exports are generally sluggish.

However, in 2021, Peru’s exports are expected to be 44 billion U.S. dollars, the same as 2017 (44.004 billion U.S. dollars), due to the return to growth in exports of commodities (mainly minerals) and agricultural products.

  The Exporters Association believes that the government has announced that tens of millions of people will be vaccinated against the new crown in 2021. This news brings "hope" to Peru's economic recovery and also brings "brightness" to the control of the new crown epidemic.