Tübingen (dpa / lsw) - Tübingen's Lord Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens) is an avid Facebook user - but is now also quite critical of the online network.

At the beginning it was exciting to get insights into the thinking of people he would otherwise not meet, it was an expansion of the spectrum of opinions, said Palmer in the podcast of the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung".

But that has changed.

"It has of course become more and more chubby, proletarian and also more repulsive," said Palmer.

Today he is no longer as convinced as ten years ago that it is necessary to be represented as a politician on Facebook.

"And I don't know whether I would start today either."

There remains a trade-off between benefits and costs - costs in the sense of anger with so-called trolls and a bad mood due to negative feedback.

«As long as I have the feeling that the benefits outweigh the benefits, I will continue.

But I can see that the costs are growing, ”said Palmer.

“There is a lot of negative energy that is thrown into it.

And sometimes it's a bit exhausting.

If that becomes too much for me, at some point I'll have to pull the emergency brake and say: You can still reach me the conventional way.

But it would be a shame somehow. "


Contribution of the RNZ