Kiel (dpa / lno) - In the opinion of SPD federal vice Serpil Midyatli, the costs of the corona pandemic must be financed more through tax money.

"To do this, the highest incomes and wealth must contribute more to the public budget," said Midyatli on Friday in Kiel.

"Otherwise the burden of this crisis will be borne by those on whom we have already placed a lot."

Especially federal states like Schleswig-Holstein with already tight budgets would get big problems because they could hardly increase their income on their own.

"The SPD will confidently lead this debate in the federal election campaign," said Midyatli, who is the SPD state chairman in the north.

The reserves in the social security funds have been used up.

The extension of the second lockdown would result in further high costs for the federal budget and the social security funds, explained Midyatli. "The question of how these additional costs will be paid in the medium term is increasingly pressing." In this crisis, people with low and middle incomes would suffer the most wage losses. At the same time, the stock markets and real estate prices kept reaching new highs due to the low key interest rates. The wealthy in particular benefited from this.