The retail chain Lidl plans to hire more than a thousand summer employees for 193 stores across Finland and its distribution centers in Järvenpää, Janakkala and Laukaa.

The company's Finnish headquarters in Espoo also have twenty summer jobs open.

According to Lidl, the number of summer employees has been in the same range in previous years.

Among the selected summer employees, Lidl intends to select another 30 Finnish influencers later in the spring, whose tasks include producing content from their work for their own Finnish channels.

For this, Lidl will pay a separate fee of 150 euros at the end of the summer.

- Every one of our employees is automatically an influencer as well.

For example, they affect the smoothness of our customers' daily lives, the thickness of their own wallets and the atmosphere of their workplace.

We want to make this visible, Tiia Willman, who is responsible for Lidl's recruitment, says in a chain release.

- We hope to see the usual work sheet: observations and feelings about the work, Lidl's communications will be told to Taloussanomat.

The salaries of summer workers are determined by a collective agreement in the trade sector.

Salary is affected by work experience, hours worked, number of morning, evening and weekend shifts.

- For example, if a summer salesman has a year of work experience or a degree in economics, the spreadsheet salary is about 12 euros per hour on weekdays and about 17 euros per hour on Saturdays, Willman says.

On top of the table salary, Lidl says that it pays a 1.5-10 per cent Lidl surcharge to store employees, an 11-18 per cent logistics surcharge to warehouse employees and a diligence-based performance bonus to distribution center employees.

Lidl's communications report that the company will conduct the first round of interviews this year, mostly in the form of video interviews.