Sontra (AP) - Two fake police officers stopped a car from neighboring Eisenach (Thuringia) in Sontra in the Werra-Meißner district in northern Hesse and demanded money from the driver.

The wrong officials said they were carrying out traffic controls because of the pandemic-related 15-kilometer restriction, the police said on Friday.

Because of the remote license plate number of the car, they demanded 150 euros from the 45-year-old driver.

Since he did not have enough cash with him, the fraudsters would have left it with an "oral warning".

The background to the scam is the regulation according to which residents of corona hotspots should not move more than 15 kilometers from their place of residence without good reason.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening.

The police are now investigating attempted fraud and abuse of office.

According to the police, both people were about 1.75 meters tall and around 35 years old.

They would have been wearing dark clothes and dark mouth and nose protection.

According to the police, both had dark, short hair and spoke German without an accent.

Witnesses are asked to report to the police.

According to the police, the fake police officers had shown a greenish ID with a cross similar to the Bundeswehr.

The official ID cards can be viewed on the Hessian Police website.

If in doubt you should call the local police or 110.

The police only demand amounts of a maximum of 55 euros in cash.


Police ID cards

Notice from the police