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Democratic Party has decided to impeach President Trump by taking responsibility for the intrusion in the US Congress.

President Trump has declared that he will absent from the inauguration of Biden.

This is Kim Yoon-soo, correspondent in Washington.

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Democratic Party of the United States pulled out a second card of impeachment against President Trump.

When the Vice President and the Cabinet did not respond to the request for the invocation of Article 25 of the Amendment, which could suspend the President's office, they decided to exercise their skills.

[Pelosi/US Speaker of the House: If the Vice President and Cabinet don't act, Congress will push for impeachment.] The

Democratic Party plans to initiate an impeachment bill as early as mid-next week.

As President Trump's term of office is less than two weeks left, it is known that he is considering a fast-track impeachment by omitting investigations and hearings.

Legal experts in the Democratic Party believe that impeachment is possible even after the retirement of the President.

Voices in favor of the impeachment have also begun to appear inside the Republican Party, which is President Trump's father.

[Hogan/USA Governor of Maryland: I have no doubts that President Trump will resign or be expelled from the White House for better things for the United States.]

Trump, who promised a peaceful transfer of power yesterday (8th), admitted for the first time in the presidential election defeat. The president said he would not attend Biden's inauguration ceremony.

It has been 152 years since the 17th President Johnson, the incumbent president of the United States, not attending the inauguration of his successor president.

President-elect Biden said it was a good thing for President Trump to not come to his inauguration ceremony, saying he is not entitled to sit at the White House.